people helping people in need

enableUS is a unique organization that facilitates accessible educational events that emphasize inclusive emergency planning practices for the whole community. enableUS partners with government agencies, non-profits, associations, NGO's, and the private sector to empower communities to prepare and respond to emergency situations. enableUS hosts forums that encourage the exchange of ideas, information and resources to foster inclusive emergency management that takes into account the access and functional needs of all citizens.

Only together, through pragmatic partnerships, can the emergency management, public health, disability and human services communities break down barriers that have hampered the disaster life cycle and provide for a more adequate response to emergencies.

To make able; give power, means, competence, or ability to
The objective case of we;
you and I




The three stars of our logo represent the three levels of emergency response: local, state and federal.  enableUS empowers disability and emergency management communities!




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